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 White Papers

  • +/-Protection Relay Functions

    • 87L Application on Long Transmission Lines with Series Capacitor Banks and Shunt Reactors

    • Impact of VFD and Cyclic Loading on Motor Protection Relays

      Impact of Variable Frequency Drive and Cyclic Loading on Multi-Function Motor Protection Relays
    • Transformer Differential Relay Settings

      Operate and Restraint Signals of a Transformer Differential Relay
    • IEC61850 GOOSE Based Zone Selective Interlocking

      Practical Considerations of Applying IEC61850 GOOSE Based Zone Selective Interlocking Scheme in Industrial Applications
    • CT Saturation in Industrial Applications

      Analysis and Application Guidelines
  • +/-UPS and Battery

    • Capacity Testing of VRLA Batteries

      Detailed instructions on capacity testing for VRLA Batteries (20 - 200 Ampere-Hours Capacity)