Since 1982, I-Gard has been committed to Electrical Safety providing both
industrial and commercial customers with the products and application support
they need to protect their electrical equipment and the people that use them.
Industrial &
Commercial Solutions

Neutral Grounding Resistors

I-Gard’s neutral grounding resistors have unique properties that make them better. It starts with the element. A better grade of stainless steel with a lower coefficient of resistivity ensures that the over-current relay works – it responds when it should. Not all stainless steel does that.
Add the optional SIGMA Monitoring Relay – a combination neutral grounding resistor (NGR) monitor and ground fault relay, and you have a complete system of protection – a better NGR.


Click here For a list of I-Gard High Resistance Grounding Systems.



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Ground Fault Protection Relays

I-Gard offers a full line of ground fault protection relay. From simple fault indication and alarm to protection for up to 50 feeder where first fault alarm and second fault priority tripping can be achieved.





Click here for more information on I-Gard Ground Fault Relays.


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