Founded over 30 years ago in a small town in Austria Omicron
set out to develop compact test sets for
testing protection and measurement devices in utilities
From a small group of dedicated engineers,
Omicron has grown into an international company
with 24 offices worldwide and customers in over 160 countries

testing-solutions-for-protection-measurement-systems-calgary-alberta-edmontonTesting Solutions for Protection and Measurement Systems

Making use of leading-edge technology in both development and quality assurance, OMICRON sets new standards for advanced secondary testing equipment in terms of flexibility, accuracy, portability and reliability. Depending on their requirements in this field of application, users can choose the ideal device from the CMC test set family.

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testing-monitoring-power-transformers-calgary-edmonton-albertaTesting and monitoring of power transformers

Omicron offers a full range of testing equipment for power transformers, including short circuit impedance, transformers ratio, magnetizing current, winding resistance and dynamic winding resistance of the tap changer. With an Omicron testing system, you can use a single device to determine all of these parameters in an easy way. Once you have completed the testing, you can also demagnetize the transformer.

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instrument-transformer-testing-calgary-alberta-edmontonInstrument Transformer Testing

With Omicron test systems, you can carry out a series of standard tests quickly, such as determining the magnetization characteristic, saturation behavior (ALF/FS), transformation ratio and its accuracy, polarity, load, winding resistance, withstand voltage or remanence.

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Full Range of Testing Equipment

Omicrons full range of testing equipment that includes products for all the following categories.

  • Protection testing
  • Measurement equipment testing
  • Power transformer testing & monitoring
  • Instrument transformer testing
  • Circuit breaker / switchgear testing
  • Rotating machines testing & monitoring
  • Cable testing & monitoring
  • Transmission line testing
  • Grounding system testing
  • Data management
  • Power utility communication

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