Transformer Monitoring

Using Smart Grid technologies to monitor transformers,
predict failures, and proactively manage performance.

Monitoring And Diagnostics
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Transformer Monitoring and Diagnostics

GE offers a broad selection of transformer asset optimization tools. From monitoring and diagnotics of transformer key gasses, to advanced analytic software to model the situation. The following are some of the solutions available.

  • Composite Gas Transformer DGA

GE’s Hydran line of composite gas DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) devices provides proven technology for essential on-line monitoring of transformer oil. The Hydran line is ideally suited to small and medium size transformers where a cost effective monitoring solution is required.

  • Multiple Gas Transformer DGA

GE’s Kelman line of DGA devices enable precise on-line monitoring of transformers using multiple fault gas DGA providing a discrete value for all key gasses. This added on-line diagnostic capability benefits key transformers where the consequences of outage are significant. These products include both a portable and permanent installation options.









  • Enhanced Transformer Solutions also include bushing monitors and online software to alert the user and help analyze the situation.


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