Protection Relays & Instrument Transformers

Protection and Control

Pioneering key principle advancements over the last
100 years, GE continues to lead the way making new
protection, control and automation applications possible.

Instrument Transformers
and Switches

Offering customization, support and services, the ITI line
 of Power Sensing products deliver the right solution
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Protection Relays

GE Multilin offers a full range of micro-processor based protection relays to cover all applications across the power
system. This includes protection for:

  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Transmission Line
  • Bus
  • Distribution Feeder
  • Motor

altelec engineering GE transformers

With the GE Alstom Grid acquisition we now can also offer the full range of MiCom Agile protection relays.

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Substation Automation

GE’s broad portfolio of substation automation solutions provide customers with the control and automation functions needed to build a smarter, more reliable power grid. Our solutions deliver a smart, cost-effective, short-cycle solution for digitized substations that are scalable to meet the varying needs of utilities across the globe

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Digital Metering

GE offers a large selection of Power Quality Meters to meet the demand of the Utility, Industrial, and Commercial users. These include simple inexpensive power meters, up to revenue grade advanced power quality metering systems with transient recorders.


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Industrial Communications

GE provides industrially hardened communications networks for leading industrial and energy companies. This includes a full range of fully managed Ethernet switches as well as protocol converters.


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All GE protection and control solutions offer a 10 year worldwide warranty
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Instrument Transformers

GE’s full range of current and voltage transformers provide reliable and accurate input for the protection, control and monitoring of generation, transmission and distribution. We provide instrument transformers for high, medium and low voltage applications. Products include:

  • Donut, bar type, and split core current transformers
  • Voltage Transformers
  • Control Power Transformers
  • Test Switches

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