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Stulz are the world's leading solution provider of
energy efficient temperature and humidity management
technology, specifically for mission critical applications.

Precision Cooling

Intelligent airflow control for more efficient rack cooling. STULZ CyberRow systems are ideal for high density, row-based data center cooling in open or contained systems and provide for targeted hot spot reduction. Applications include:

  • High-density racks and hot spots
  • Any size data center, including modular
  • Water-Side Economization
  • Application areas: IT, telecommunications

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Stulz Precision Cooling

Humidification Systems

STULZ Direct Room Humidiers (DRH) are designed for stand-alone room applications. DRH are typically mounted on the perimeter wall serving mission critical applications, or any environment where tight humidity control is required. Features include:

  • Mounts below the ceiling in a conditioned space
  • On wall or column with factory furnished mounts
  • Suspended from above in open space
  • Integral blower and washable filter
  • Absorption distance determined by RH of room

For a full list of all Stulz humidification systems please click here
Stulz Ultrasonic Humidification

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